Almost equidistant from Feilding and Palmerston North, Bunnythorpe enjoys a location convenient to many places in central and eastern Manawatu. Bunnythorpe is a small industrial centre, with a key electricity sub station and smaller factories. The school is a centre of activity, and the town has an active sporting community and historic monuments reflecting on the nation’s wartime efforts gone by.


The ghost of another town is today included in the settlement of Bunnythorpe - named for Henry Bunny, Secretary-Treasurer of the Wellington Provincial Council. Bunnythorpe was a subdivision on government- owned land (1880) on one side of the railway line, while a township called Mugby Junction was to be on the other.

In 1878 when railways were the ultimate in modern transport, Mugby Junction was to be the link for the proposed Napier ‒ Wellington and Auckland ‒ Welington lines. At that time quarter acre sections in Mugby Junction sold for over £100. But plans changed and Palmerston North became the junction instead.


In the twentieth century Bunnythorpe became the centre of one of New Zealand’s most successful industries. Glaxo grew into a multinational food, beverage and pharmaceutical company from a small dried milk powder factory built at Bunnythorpe by Joseph Nathan and Sons in 1904. Glaxo products were made in Bunnythorpe until 1973.

To read about the life of Joseph Edward Nathan visit. www.dnzb.govt.nz

Community Contacts

Liaison Councillor - Eric Linklater. Ph 06 328 7700


Governing Body

Manawatu District Council. Ph 06 323 0000.