Rangiwahia is a rural township and district in the far north of Manawatu. Dairy, sheep and cattle farms dominate the surrounding land, and the Ruahines form a wonderful backdrop on a winter’s day when snow caps the mountains. Picturesque stands of native bush feature across the landscape, giving the impression that Rangiwahia is more remote than it really is.


Rangiwahia means “piercing the sky”, a vivid image of this picturesque district with its deep gorges and village in the valley.

Although land in the western section of this district was leased from the 1870s as part of big Rangitikei sheep runs, organized European settlement did not begin until 1885.


The government of the day was intent on “putting the small man on the land” and the development of a special settlement scheme was the result of this. The basis of the scheme was deferred payment for land allotted by ballot to members of a specially formed association.

Charles Pemberton was the driving force behind the formation of the Pemberton Small Farm Association which brought the first hopeful settler-farmers to Rangiwahia.

By December, 1898, the district was building its own dairy factory which would become the hub of the economy of Rangiwahia for many decades.

Community Contacts

Liaison Councillor - Wayne Ellery. Ph 06 328 7700
Committee Chairperson - Steve Bielski. Ph 06 3282841